Defying The Decay is a Metal band based in Bangkok, Thailand formed in 2010. Known for a
heavy and melodic sound, the band employs ambient electronics and soaring melodies creating a
unique dynamic of genres and sounds. The band consists of Poom “Jay” Euarchukiati (Lead
Vocal, Guitar, Electronics, Turntable) , Mark Mironov (Drums) Kongpop Thongrat
(Guitar and Keyboards) and Howard Fang (Guitar and Vocal).



Formation and early lineup changes (2010–2012)

Defying The Decay was formed in 2010 by Jay Euarchukiati (Guitar/Vocal) and Aston Cowie (Screamed
Vocals). Reymaz Khan (Drums), friends with Aston from school, joined shortly after the formation of the
band. The trio began rehearsals covering tunes by Linkin Park, Bullet for my Valentine, Slipknot and
parkway drive during weekends and after school. They performed in various venues. During which they
met Howard Fang (Guitar), who joined the band. The band developed a reputation after their
performances as being one of the youngest metal acts in the area.


Defying The Decay began constantly playing shows at schools around town after then.

Pai Natchanonp, Tak Traisawadvong and Love, Hate and Faith Demo EP (2012-2013)

In early 2012 Reymaz Khan Left the band to pursue further education in university in England and was
replaced by Kanpai Natchanonp, who Jay found after being contacted in regards to a concert ticket which
were sold out. After having met each other, Kanpai joined as the drummer of Defying the Decay. Not long
after, Tak Traisawadvong who was Kanpai's friend joined as a bassist.
After that the band began writing their original materials and worked on a Demo Ep which did have some
demos like “7 Days” and “Snow and Siberia” which was available on the band’s myspace page as free
downloads. This started to build the band some recognition throughout the music scene as they were one
of the up and coming bands who employed extensive guitar solos in their music. At this time the band
began expanding their shows to local bars and underground shows.


All We Know Is Failing (2013-2015)

13th February 2013, the band announced that they have began working on a full length album with a
working title of “Friday Night Risk” following a post via YouTube of a pre production of the song “No Line
on the Horizon” and a 15 second video on Instagram of the song “Machine City”. This increased the
number of followers in social media outlets and gained awareness of the band’s up and coming release.
May, 7th 2013 Defying The Decay announced via Facebook blog post that the band had parted ways with
Vocalist Aston Cowie due to creativity difference. Which then after, Jay took over lead vocals both clean
and screams.

The band began promoting material through playing songs from the album at local shows. At the time
unfinished some songs such as “Machine City” would have been known by the working title “Betray by the
Lies” and the song “Amy” was known as “Poison Heart”.
On February,10th 2014 the band announce the completion of pre-production and will be recording in
studio in April. The departure of Kanpai and Tak was announced and thereafter Reymaz Khan was
recruited back in the band and recorded the album.
Shortly after, the band announced that they would be recording with a session guitarist Kongpop “Jump”
Thongrat who later joined the band as a full time member. Additionally, the band announce that they will
be working with Joey Sturgis on the upcoming record.

All We Know Is Failing was made available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and also for streaming YouTube on August 30 2015




Photographer: Carolina Nikotian